A Brief History
of Mine

Here is Elizabeth Dey. (nee Elizabeth Stewart Dunlop) I cut her grass for her. She would cook me a meal and we would talk about Scotland

Here is Elizabeth Dey again

Here is Lagan House at Bowmore Islay.

Here is Lagan Farm at Bowmore Islay.

Grandpa and Grandma

here do I start? My family is my history. Most are dead people from the past but I do remember a few of them. I met both my grandmothers, as well as my grandfather from my mother's side of the family.

The one I got to know the best was my Grandma Dey. She was a Scottish woman who came to Canada in the early part of the last century at a young age, but she wasn't alone. The way they came here was together, as the Dunlop family from Islay Scotland.



This is just one page to start with and so this slice of history is incomplete. More pages with more pictures will come and so everyone in the family will be included eventually.

More historical information will be included as the site matures. I would like to mention each of the key players in my past and talk about them a bit.

Any one would like to get in on this can email me with suggestions. You can contact me at tim at canadasmountains.com

Bye for now and live long and have a happy life. We owe it as debt of gratitude for all the struggles of those who came before us.












A Brief History
 of Mine

Here is Elizabeth and her sisters, but not all of the sisters or brothers are in this photo

Here is my mom and her boyfriend Olliver Gravell.  He died a short time later in an airplane crash, he lost his life trying to save others

Here is most of the clan including Rover